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Why Retirement Estates?

When planning a change, it is always beneficial to weigh the pros and cons.

The same is true when choosing a home.  Making a move is a big decision, and one that should not be taken lightly.

Some of the advantages to living in Retirement Estates are:

  • Value:

Ranch homes in this area are hard to come by, and most were built in the 60`s and early 70`s. This means maintenance ; 40-50 year old roofs and plumbing, outdated designs, etc. Our homes were all built within the last 20 years, and all were well maintained. These homes are well constructed and insulated, which also reduces your utility bills. You also cannot find a like quality home outside of our community for the same price. Part of this reason is because you are not purchasing the land. And, as you do not own the land, your tax liability is reduced. You are, however, still entitled to the full benefits of any tax payer, such as exemptions and write offs.

  • Accessibility:

We understand that, with aging, we eventually may have mobility issues. Our homes are all single story many with walk in showers and minimal (sometimes no) steps to get into the home. Easy access.

  • Safety:

It is comforting to know that you are in a safe location. Our community is well lit, patrolled, and well maintained. You can be comfortable walking in your neighborhood knowing that your neighbors are nearby, the traffic is light and speeds are reduced.

  • Rules and Regulations:
    Every resident here goes through the same application process. This is to ensure that our rules and regulations are met and understood by all. Our neighbors deserve the highest standards without being overly controlled, and that is what we maintain here.
  • Standards: 

We take pride in our community. Every home is maintained to a set standard. Our standards will not change, and therefore the community will maintain it`s appearance. In Retirement Estates you can be comfortable knowing that your lifestyle, and home value, will not be adversely affected by your neighbors.

  • Community:
    It is comforting to live in a community of like minded people. Here in Retirement Estates your neighbors are all 55 and older. The neighborhood is pleasant, friendly, and quiet. A friendly face is always right outside your door.
  • Community Center:
    With your lease comes use of our community center. This center is a comfortable well decorated space to be used for your convenience. Host family gatherings, put on a dinner party, throw a party - it`s up to you! We supply a full kitchen, nice table service and seating for 50, and an entertainment system for your viewing/listening pleasure. The baby grand piano is also there for your use if you, or your family member, is musically inclined.
  • Lending Library:
    We have an onsite lending library for your use with a large assortment of book titles plus some DVD's. These books and DVD's are donated by your neighbors. We also have a stock of jigsaw puzzles for those who enjoy them.
  • Events:
    There are monthly events hosted by your neighbors for you to attend - Community Breakfasts, Pot Luck Dinners, Bingo, Exercise Classes, Bunco Games, etc. 
  • Community Maintenance:
    One of the benefits of our community is our staff. You can be assured that the roads will be cleared in the winter, your drive will be plowed. (See our Snow Removal Policy for details) We keep the roads up to standards, landscape and maintain the common grounds, keep the property well lit, and we are always here if you have a question or need a hand. We also have vendors who offer mowing services for a reasonable fee.
  • Resell Assistance:

While we hate to see any of our neighbors leave, from time to time the need arises. Our sales office is happy to assist you in that matter. In house listings on our community website ensure highest exposure, and our advertising campaigns are well received.

This may not cover all of your concerns, but please feel free to come to any of our staff with your questions. Our office hours are Mon - Thurs, 10 AM till 2 PM, and we are happy to speak with you by appointment anytime.